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There is a cover charge and two-drink minimum at tables; cover and one. Burnin&39; fast jazz to. Ulf is probably most notable Swedish jazz guitarist ever. Typically the alteration is between a quartertone and a semitone, but this varies depending on the musical context. This Blue Note collection spanning the career of the jazz manouche innovator is essential listening for all guitarists and jazz fans, containing his most famous and representative songs.

Place your first finger over strings 1 and 2 on the 1st fret. Recado Bossa Nova 4. Blue Note: 0897596. The writer and radio personality Bob JAZZ GUITAR ON BLUE NOTE Porter, in his Soul Jazz: Jazz in the Black Community,, notes that the St. But other than that Blue Moon should be absolutly manageble by any. Likewise, in contemporary jazz theory, its use is commonly based upon the key rather than the individual chord.

To play a blue note on guitar, like John Lee Hooker does, you bend the strings, making them go sharp. This note became known as the “ blue note “, and is the flat fifth in the case of the minor pentatonic, or the flat third in the case of the major pentatonic. There he taught jazz guitar, jazz arranging, jazz composition as well as other jazz related courses. Blue Note Records The recorded legacy of Jazz music’s greatest record company. Jazz musicians have taken the Basic I7-IV7-V Blues and added more chord changes and variations to it.

Here is the 1937 version of Reinhardt and Stephane Grappelli&39;s "Minor Swing" in its definitive performance. He was a member of Oscar Peterson trio from 1997, and a member of Ray Brown trio. Chord symbols have been simplified, especially on dominant chords.

Grant Green (Lot of 10 CDs) Jazz Guitar Blue Note Artist Used Very Good. Minor 7 Jazz Guitar Chords. Nobuki has toured with his group in North America and Europe, performing at many of the best international jazz clubs and festivals including Iridium Jazz Club, Blue Note NY, Blues Alley, Smalls Jazz Club, the Montreal International Jazz Festival, and the Nisville Jazz Festival, where he opened for the original Blues Brothers Band. Do you like Jazz? One of jazz’s first significant saxophone soloists, New Orleans-born Bechet was 42 when he recorded for Blue Note in 1939, the label’s inaugural year. For his third Blue Note release, Share The Wealth, sonic explorer and guitar renegade Nels Cline delivers a potent and provocative program of spontaneous, uncompromising, and ultimately compelling music with an expanded edition of his long-running project The Nels Cline Singers. 3rd St New York, NY. The jazz guitar chords for Blue Moon are quite easy to play.

But there&39;s one label that&39;s essentially synonymous with jazz: Blue Note. Blue Note Records (founded Janu, New York; Alfred Lion), record company and label. These 75 feature essential work by groundbreaking musicians. An Evening with Sarah McKenzie. You&39;ll see these represented as an m7 or -7 in your music.

Blue Note Jazz Club 131 W. Condition is "Very Good". If you are a horn player or other instrumentalist, be able to play the arpeggios. Collector&39;s Guides & Discographies.

Used in rock and blues, the minor pentatonic scale is also a staple of the jazz guitar sound, but used with fewer bends and with a bit of jazz flavor added to it. Blue Note Records Discography Project. This lick shows one of the more common ways the blue note is used - but also check out the second bar because this is a super cool lick too! Street of Dreams Very Good Condition 4. As you play through the etudes, try to keep track of which chord tones are played over each chord type.

this tremendous 1964 Blue Note session. Blue Note Label Guide — The Jazz Record - Explorations Into Vintage Jazz JAZZ GUITAR ON BLUE NOTE Vinyl Blue Note is the most collectible of all the jazz labels. A familiar face at the Blue Note Hawaii, Native New-Yorker and trumpeter Mike Lewis presents A Charlie Brown Christmas, featuring some of Hawaii&39;s best jazz musicians.

Born To Be Blue Very Good Condition 2. Many people learn it as The Blues Scale, and that is fine, but I think it&39;s better to see it as a really cool note that you can add into the Pentatonic to add some spice, rather than think of it as a &39;scale&39;. The only thing that may be a challenge for an intermediate palyer with a bit of jazz experience, is the tempo. Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun; 1. Historically, Blue Note has principally been associated with the " hard bop " style of jazz (mixing bebop with other forms of music including soul, blues, rhythm and blues and gospel), but also recorded essential albums in the avant-garde and free styles of jazz. Japan exclusive compilation highlights the legendary jazz label Blue Note. If you’re playing slide guitar, you just move slightly above or below a given fret.

Here’s an example lick that mixes two scales. The best jazz guitar albums are up there with any other jazz classics you can think of. In jazz and blues, a blue note is a note that—for expressive purposes—is sung or played at a slightly different pitch from standard. position on the guitar. Cantaloupe Island 3. Acoustic and electric Jazz guitar greats. Performed and recorded with biggest jazz names like Jack DeJohnette, Bill Evans, Bob Berg, Pat Metheny, Niels-Henning Orsted Pedersen. Commencing in (Blue Note 80th Anniversary) Blue Note tasked Joe Harley—co-founder of Music Matters Jazz – to produce a new series of all-analog, mastered-from-the-original-master-tape 180g audiophile vinyl reissues.

Grant Green Various Conditions 1. Label: Blue Note - CDP• Format: CD Album • Country: US • Genre: Jazz • Style: Bop, Hard Bop Kenny Burrell And The Jazz Guitar Band - Pieces Of Blue And The Blues (1988, CD) | Discogs. 00:00 Blue Mitchell - Who Dun It? But played in chord melody style, the changes appear rather quick. Jazz Guitar Single Note Soloing, Volume 1. Son Of Ice Bag 2. Here, we will provide you with lead sheets, basic chord melodies, chords and single note solos that you can begin applying over some of the most popular standards right away.

He has worked over the years as a jazz musician playing jazz clubs, concerts and studio sessions. More JAZZ GUITAR ON BLUE NOTE images. They have a rich and long history, and as such there have been many label variations over the years, each with it’s own distinct characteristics. JAZZ GUITAR ON BLUE NOTE These solos should be played at a relatively slow tempo - quarter note = 80 to 140. Jazz Guitar Single Note Soloing, Volume 1 Ted Greene, Aaron Stang on Amazon. If you play a chordal instrument such as piano or guitar, be sure you can comp through this and play all of the chords. Minor 7 chords contain a scale&39;s root, minor third, perfect fifth, and minor seventh tones.

You can use this tension in your solos by playing with the contrast between the blue note and the natural 3. Founded in 1939 by Alfred Lion and Ma. It&39;s amedium swing standard. Jazz Standards for Jazz Guitar PDF Sheet Music, TABS, Chords and Soloing with Audio Examples Welcome to our archive of some of the most popular jazz standards for jazz guitar! He made 22 albums as a leader between 19, according to veteran producer Michael Cuscuna. We&39;ll start with D Minor 7, with the notes D, F, A, and C: D Minor 7 Jazz Guitar Chord.

Blue Bossa is a popular bossa nova standard written by Kenny JAZZ GUITAR ON BLUE NOTE Dorham and made popular by Joe Henderson on his album Page One (1963). In honor of Blue Note Records’ 80th Anniversary in, the legendary Jazz label has launched a new series of limited-edition wall art that celebrates the iconic imagery of Blue Note’s classic era. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Blue Note Records is an American jazz record label owned by Universal Music Group and operated under Capitol Music Group. On trumpet, sax or harmonica, you can bend the notes by overblowing. Miss Remler and her trio will play at the Blue Notetonight through Sunday at 10 P.

In jazz and blues, a blue note is a note that—for expressive purposes—is sung or played at a slightly different pitch from standard. The following ten albums represent the very best of what made Blue Note the premier jazz label during the golden age of jazz music (a period running roughly 1956 to 1968). Ulf Wakenius - Live in Blue Note, Nové Mesto, Slovakia. Buy download online. Carryin&39; On Very Good Condition 3. , midnight and 2 A. All CDs have been tested and played through with out any skipping issues. In the great discussion of the history of jazz, a handful of notable record labels will inevitably come up — Verve, Impulse, Atlantic, Columbia, and to a lesser extent, CTI and Riverside.

BLUE NOTE LAUNCHES NEW SERIES OF FRAMED WALL ART FEATURING THE LABEL’S CLASSIC IMAGERY. Now let’s go over the Basic Jazz Blues. Home > Blue Note Records. Notice that the note that was added is the same on both scales, just memorize the minor blues scale and transmit that note to the other shapes when making a solo. Louis native played on 15 sessions for Blue Note Records in 1961, 18 more in 1962 and another 18 in 1963. The show will highlight selections from the soundtrack to A Charlie Brown Christmas, as written by legendary composer and pianist Vince Guaraldi. You could try a load of different variations on this one! They showcase the finest jazz music and artists that emerged during a time when jazz music was at it&39;s commercial and creative peak.

This lick starts on the blue note, runs up the minor pentatonic and then hits the blue note up top too. The evolution of this scale may be traced back to Asia (pentatonic major) through native North America (pentatonic minor) with the addition of the flat-5 blue note (slave trade/Africa). It was written after Dorham visited the Rio de Janeiro Jazz Festival in 1961.

On a synth, you use the pitch bend control, like Herbie Hancock does in “ Rockit. Michael has played on numerous recordings including 3 of his own: "It&39;s Autumn," "Little Voices" and "Good News. See more videos for JAZZ GUITAR ON BLUE NOTE. Jim Hall (guitar), Carl Perkins (piano), Red Mitchell (double bass, bass).

taken from the album &39;Collision in Black&39; 196802:58 Lou Donaldson - Say It Loud (I&39;m Black and I&39;m Proud)taken from the albu. The Blue note is the Flat 5 (b5) Scale degree which sounds great in the blues, especially when mixed in with the Minor Pentatonic Scale.


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